By Ibrahim  Anifowoshe

Reminiscence of our heart desires
Falling and wavering in the social quagmire
We rest our feet and dance to the beat
Our wishes wind to his feat

Excruciating and stillborn dreams
Vulcanized and structured on an imbalance beam
If north and north would repel
Then bolt and north should be friends

Legs swing left to right murdering the zeal to attack
If there was a fallback, it was a setup for a comeback
He smiles briefly
As he sails the voyage swiftly

You strucked with resilience
The Del Piero with diligence
If diode knew triode
Then, you are the K.A Stroud to behold

If every mother had the trimester
You had quintuplet dimesters
Moaning and groaning for that enviable point
Now we smile and even the sun

We thought happiness start with H (Booooo)
But now we know it starts with U
You are the jewel unbeatable
Our doff unqualifiable

You are the air flying over our flesh
Our blood flowing through your breath
No torch can penetrate
Only your touch can aggravate

You are that alternator
That strucked our mechanical power to an electrical motor
You are the temperature
That defines the ambience of our success-nature

You are the amplifier
That moves the current without a plier
You are the battery
That tells us to sail even with fuel subsidy

You are the volt
That success himself will vote
The broadband
The speed of data, that network demand

We love to love the love you love
Because your feat is what we love to love
Bro. Nurain, you are the new rain
That electrocutes us to reign.


Ibankan submit his quill for my superiors to bill. *I doff*.

Ibrahim Anifowoshe


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