Are we truly independent?

Just few words to arouse our intellectual consciousness as we celebrate our independence day.
From our lore we can recall as a nation we were independent of british rule on this day in 1960 but over the years one question seems opaque like a conundrum which is that “Are we truly independent”
This answer in my own conviction would be absolutely No. Oxford dictionary defined independence as a state of being independent and also defined independent as a state of being free from outside control or influence. Is that the case of our beloved country?
When a nation claims to be truly independent that lucidly means they are economically free of external factor or perhaps a little dependence, their health sector is buoyant, the educational system is averagely okay as a developing nation, there is security of life and property in the country…
That has never been the case of our country, we are still being neo-colonised. The strength of our economy depend mainly on crude oil and few others, what is the essence of independence when we borrow money all the time from world bank, the swiss banks do term us as a poverty ridden country. Every year an estimate of over 10billion naira is being spent on medical tourism by government official and over well to do nigerians to indian, china, saudi e.t.c when the health sector is being underfed with enough fund to improve it, Our general hospital are the worst. We have no regard for the civic right which is right to live.we are oblivious of the fact that the poor child left to die as a result of inadequate care may be our messiah..
Our security system which includes the soldiers, naval officers and the so called friend of the people the police are inefficient and ineptitude in their own country but when it comes to Ecowas mission to other country they are the forerunners. No freedom of expression without the federal goverment boys handling you, we are unsafe with the presence of various insurgent groups like the boko boys, ombatse cults e.t.c. As if that’s not enough we are still being enslaved by using western thought or ideologies as ideals for our society, the youths have being forgotten on the street , no regards for educational system which is the main cause of various insurgent groups that we have.
We have many natural resources but lacked a great deal of human resources to take care of it , late prof chinua achebe said when an artist imagination coincides with life reality it result to a great conundrum. Infact in my words it results to a greater enigma. The nigeria government of then and now are guilty of nepotism which leads to incompetent hands in the critical posts of the nation..
What we should rather be celebrating should be ethnic bigotry,religious pogrom, government incompetence, scarceness of nigeria intellectuals, over religiousness turned irreligiousity,sudden rise in number of religious zealots.. All these doesn’t depict a country that is independent rather it depict a country tamed or under siege.Oct 1st should be a day where by we celebrate our inadequacy , when we celebrate the might is right rule we imploy.
This holiday should be treated like any other day because it is inane, fatous and vapid which has no essence or still has lost it..
Truth is bitter but still,

Happy inadequacy day to fellow nigerians
Nurayn tiamiyu tesla