To be candid with you, academics can be a hell of frustration when you are consistently having bad result and can be very interesting when you are at least above the average scale. When I started my academic sojourn in the university as a prospective mechanical engineer I  do ask myself three question before going to the lecture room daily which I believe if you start asking yourself and provide good answers to it can change your academic fortune. The questions are:

  • Why am I in the university?
  • Which grade do I want for myself?
  • How bad do I want those grade?

  Why am I in the university?

          Well, we may undergo different experience to learn the same lesson. University life as a frosh/fresher can be very interesting if you are the type that likes to party a lot and one who get carried away with the crowd.Being a party person from the inception of your university education without even writing any exam, your academic downturn is assured except you have Albert Einstein brain. Being a student to me is analogous to being a businessman, you should always let the statement “I am in school to learn” resonates in your mind. You shouldn’t make your purpose of going to a particular school to mingle with big boys or to date with fine fresh girls. Like a famous man said “when the purpose of doing a thing is right, the thing would likely be achieved but when the purpose is lost then the thing can never be achieved”. The maxim “Nobody knows tomorrow but I know today and my today/present would untimely determine my future”. In most universities, first year is a year where hay should be made while the sun still shines, it is a year where academic gallantness should be achieved. If you ever do the mistake of getting it wrong at the beginning it is most likely you would get it all wrong throughout your stay in the university.


Which grade do I want for myself?

          You must always hope for and work towards having high grades. Being contented with just anything just implies that you have no foreseeable future for yourself, it means you want life to be fair to you without doing anything its fairness on you. Every good thing in life requires a great deal of sacrifice, if you want to have high grade you must prepare your mind to sacrifice your time and many other thing which would hinder your academic success. When I was in high school i never had a distinction in all the examination i did since i was a below par student but your story can also change better than mine only if you are determined to achieve it regardless of all obstacle you may encounter. Most people do aim for low grade because of low self-esteem and utmost lack of confidence in their self, you must know that if anybody has ever achieved then you can achieve more.


How bad do I want those grades?

          All student would love to have good result even parent want their ward to always achieve good result to justify the money they are spending on them. Willie jollie narrated a scenario in his award winning book (A SETBACK IS A SETUP FOR A COMEBACK) to illustrate how badly different people want to achieve success. On a snowy day, nobody could go out but they all needed alcohol cool off a bit. Three people couldn’t bear the cold again so the first man decided to check the store maybe It is open, when he realized it is locked he went home back. The second man went to the same store, seeing that it is locked too he knocked for few minute hoping somebody may be in the store but after a while he went home too. The third man also went to the closed store, he knocked for a couple of minute but nobody answered. He then headed towards the owner of the store house maybe he has some alcohol in his house which he doesn’t have but with persuasion he returned with him to the store to get some for him.

        The first man needed the alcohol but he quit-ted early without making much effort, many students want success but because they think they can’t do much to achieve it.The second man also needed the alcohol but lack idea on how to get it under harsh condition, Many students knows not how to cope during harsh academic times, they lack drive to move on when everything seems not to be alright. The third man shows how bad he want the alcohol and was ready to go to any length to get it, if you really want to achieve success you must be ready to make big sacrifice. Are you ready to snub late night party so as to go the library to study? Are you ready to lose friends that are holding you back from achieving your aim?