N.B. It is not my intent to hurt anyone who feels he/she has the right to determine who sexually pleases him/her


    ARE HOMOSEXUALS NORMAL? is a question that has being continually asked by inquisitive minds since it gain awareness in 19th century in the modern world.It all started in the west which has unequivocably be known as the hub and seat of moral destruction and religious me,most africans do believe this is an abnormality which mustn’t be allowed in our morally conscious continent. I do always ask my self  Are people born to be homosexuals and if they are born to be,why would their creator greatly rebuke them and show much disdain to the act.


     Of the three top religion with the highest follower base ,Two of them which include islam and christanity in their holy scriptures greatly rebuke and shows God’s disdain to the act and considered as a grevious sin which warrant destruction as what he did to the people of lot/lut who commited sodomy while hinduism in a way recognise them in Vedas scripture which is that as times changes the gurus(spiritual leader) are required to make laws that changes with time,since we are in a modern time the guru’s law are expected to meet the demand of the modern times.Though many homosexuals do claim that they are born that way,genetically am not a commanding authority in the field but I have read many article which solely deals with the genetics study of homosexuals and they all concluded that it isn’t possible to be born to be an homosexuals but many other factor could lead one to be not genetics.
      Over the years,I have shown ill-will to these abnormal set of people but  few days ago after engaging in conversation with some of their activist,I realise that they are also sane not inane as I used to think they are.I had to change my conviction about them a bit and be more accomodating a little  though I still greatly detest the act and would always speak against it anytime am opportuned to. But we must know they are also human beings like us except for their abnormal sexual life,some of them are also intelligent and well learned like some straight humans are.
       The anti-gay bill signed in Nigeria by president jonathan  is a good development for africa having endured and shrugged off mounted pressure by the west .Nigeria plays a pivotal role in the way Africans are being looked at just like Late Nelson Mandela rightly said
     ” The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect.The black people in the world need Nigeria to be a great source of pride and confidence”

Nurayn Tiamiyujr