They say mum are very precious but mine is very rare and precious
Her love and affection has engulfed my heart
Her smile erased my everly frowning face
Her joke sounds so funny to me
Her cry makes me annoyed
Her naggings always serve as a reminder for me
Her food!!!! Wowww so delicious  it makes me healthy
Her care is meritorious
Her look!!! Mehn my dad tried a lot to scout her
I used to wonder why is that am always very fortunate , then I would remember that my mum won’t sleep until all her children are a success in this world and after life
Her genorosity overwhelms my heart
Her spirituality Ignites mine
Her love makes my heart so soft
I would say I have the best mum to ever live…..

I have always love my mum
nurayn  Tiamiyujr

Nurayn Tiamiyujr





Surreal!!!! The caption sounds so scary even to the writer but we mustn’t let our phobia conceal the truth that should be told.I am writing this as a student of philosophy and also as one with cognitive and intuitive reasoning,also a beleiver in humanity and love as a is undisputable that The only common factor between all faiths in the world is the fact that we will all die at a point in our life.
     I will die one day is a statement that resonates in my mind daily, that guide my thinking and behaviour generally,some have graced the surface of the earth before us and when we leave some will come after us.The maxim “I will die” doesn’t matter again to me but what matters is what have I done when alive,how many people have I helped  academically,how many have I through my works influence to be a better human,how many peope have I show inexhaustive love even when they least deserve it, despite my financial gallantness how many have I helped when they are at most in need of it.
    Obversely we can say the world is a bit harsh on some but we must know everybody has what he can offer.We may all not be so rich or poor but we can all become better human.Becoming better human would not only salvage humanity but would also inscribe our name in everyone memory.My lecturer used to say “those who live for others to live never dies”, their name would never be forgotten , they would never die because daily their names and works would always be referred to.Many people are on the surface of the earth but very few are good people,and good people are needed to make the world a better place for us.
     Albert einstein in one of his famous article THE MEANING OF LIFE wrote ” A hundred times everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labours of other men(living and dead) and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure I have received and still receiving”. The question is how many of us do that? If death comes knocking on my door today or anytime What have I done to justify my existence? What has being my contribution in promoting the cause of humanity?.I would say in my own view that we exist for our fellow men-in the first place for those whose smile and happiness all our affairs depends and next to the unknown to those personally with whose destinies we are bound up by the tie of sympathy. Billions have graced the earth surface but very few of them are remembered for what they have done while alive But do we intend to be remembered for infamous stuffs? Do we want to be remembered as the  igniter of dismay amongst different ethnics and religion? Do we want to be remembered as one who traded his integrity for money? Or still don’t we want to be remembered at all.
       I think this should just serve as a clarion call to all of us to just try and do good,invest in something worthwhile,we should not let money buy our conscience if we have ,we should always remember that when we die our wealth is not useful to us anymore but what would still be useful Is the good or bad legacy we left so said ben bruce.I want to be remembered as an individual who a lot of people evolve under,so that when I die physically I won’t die..

“When am dead always bear in mind that I didn’t die”.
“Let intellectuals speak the truth no matter what”
             Nurayn Tesla Tiamiyujr
Tribute to Nelson mandela….
We love you with all our heart
Africans would miss you
The world would miss you
Activists would miss you
Papa of africa
Tata of africa